Facebook reviews and relationship marketing

Facebook relationship marketing is a facet of business marketing that uses several Facebook features in strengthening the relationship between a business and its customers. As provided by Facebook, some of these features include life event, business page messenger, personal profile manager and business page event. It is essential to get more Facebook reviews to achieve this.  A word of warning you can buy reviews on Facebook but do so cautiously.

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To promote the success of your small business through Facebook relationship marketing, there are two different approaches you should take into account. Therefore, this article focuses on the two approaches as well as the tips you should follow for each approach.

Qualitative Approach to Facebook Relationship Marketing

  • Give Special Esteem to Loyal Customers: Frankly, all your customers should be treated with esteem but your most loyal customers deserve more esteem than others. Reach out to them regularly on Facebook and if need be, try to acknowledge their loyalty through special rewards. This is one great relationship marketing strategy that persuades other customers to become regular and loyal. Ask your loyal customer to give you a Facebook review!
  • Establish Relationship Using Other Facebook Groups: Look for several other Facebook groups that are relevant to your business niche. This is a sure way to establish relationship marketing with the members of those groups and even convert such members into customers.
  • Establish Group-based Customer Care: You can use your Facebook Closed Group to create special customer care through which you can address complaints made by existing customers. This will foster your real-time relationship with customers on Facebook.
  • Share Vital Knowledge and Ideas: By engaging your existing customers in reasonable conversations that involve giving them knowledge and helping them with ideas that should solve relevant problems, you’re certainly building trustworthy relationships with them.
  • Create Relevant and Valuable Content: Creating high-quality contents that suit the needs of your potential customers is a great way to strengthen your business and transform prospects into customers.

facebook relationship marketing

Definitive Approach to Facebook Relationship Marketing

  • Be Familiar with Your Customers’ Tastes: In order to deepen your relationship with existing customers, familiarize yourself with the product standard they prefer most. You could observe this by tracking your previous sales record to see the goods/products such customers purchased most.
  • Find out Prospects’ Targeted Products: In marketing your relationship to potential customers, try to find out the products such customers are likely to buy. You can explore Facebook groups that are relevant to your business niche and see the products people are buying most.
  • Outline the Pros and Cons of Your Products: This often demands sincerity on your own part while marketing your business relationship with customers on Facebook. By stating the advantages as well as the shortcomings of your products, customers and prospects readily understand whether such products will suit their satisfaction or not.