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A common practice among traders in the same sector is to negatively assess their competitors in social networks.

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If you have suffered the attack of a competitor or a group of people who want to discredit your Facebook page, it is easy for them to gather a few people who negatively value your business and decrease their rating to between 1 and 3 stars. It is important to have a tool to solve these attacks; otherwise, your online reputation will be severely affected, and many people who see your page will think twice before visiting your business.

Is it safe to buy five stars on Facebook?

Yes, Our Followers-only uses real accounts to ensure the reliability of the system. You can buy with total peace of mind since as you can read below your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

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If you do not have votes yet on your Facebook page dedicated to your business or have reputation problems, buying five stars for Facebook is your fastest solution. Your business will not only benefit, but it will take off, and you won’t have to worry about your reputation on Facebook again.

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To get more Facebook reviews with us is insured, in case we cannot provide the service, the total purchase is refunded, without waiting. In addition, you can cancel your purchase at any time as long as they have not started to send the 5-star Facebook votes in which case no refund will be processed.

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Increase the popularity and valuation of your business online or offline thanks to our 5-star packs. A common practice among competitors in the same sector is to negatively assess their competitors in social networks. If you have suffered this practice, you will see that people outside your business have rated you with 1 star undeservedly. With our packs, you can improve your rating and get a much higher average grade at a very low price once you have placed an order, the acquired valuations will be added over the course of several hours/days. In the case of large orders, it may take a little longer.

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How does it work?

  1. Copy the address of your Facebook page and paste it where we ask for the address
  2. Choose the number of reviews, the more publications you choose, the more you will save!
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  4. Wait from 12 to 36 hours, and you will receive a confirmation message when we start your promotion and another when we finish


  1. Pages must have the review system activated
  2. You cannot publish content not allowed by Facebook
  3. Your publications and your page or profile should always be public and have no age restrictions. If you are looking for a specific number of reviews different from the options we offer, contact us directly, we have plans for up to 3000 reviews.

For the $ 5 promotional plan we will only process orders from new customers if you have purchased this service before and you buy again you will receive a discount coupon for your next purchase. We will not refund money in these cases.…

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How To Setup Facebook Reviews On Your Page

Getting rankings as well as the fact you can buy Facebook reviews on your Facebook FanPage is a simple yet vital way in order to help people to count on and also choose your service. To buy Facebook reviews is to buy popularity. So, just how do you set up star ratings and also reviews on your Facebook Page? Well there are way better articles than this to learn how to do that.The good news is it is super easy has been made easier. Reviews are so important when it comes to your credibility.

It is just a straightforward adjustment in your Facebook Web Page Setups. No more do you need to set on your own up as a regional organisation. You do should be a Web page Admin though.

Facebook Reviews – Setting Up Facebook Web Page Reviews and also Stars

You must comprehend that your Facebook Reviews and your Star Score are the same function. If you turn Reviews off, then you could disappoint Celebrity Ratings on your web page.

Do not panic if you get a negative evaluation. If it damages Facebook’s guidelines then you could ask to get rid of a Facebook review but allow me tell you, it is a dragged out process. Much far better to simply address it and make certain you obtain some even more good ones.

buy facebook reviews that are real

If you are having any kind of problem setting up or optimizing your Facebook existence then just offer us call or join our Online Evaluation Site Masterclass and we will lead you with just what it requires to grasp and benefit from your reviews.

Drawn from Facebook’s aid centre as well as you can see the photo above of what to click as well as do.

How you can set up star ratings and also reviews on your Facebook Page

Click Settings at the top of your Web page
Click Edit Page in the left column
Scroll down and also click Add a Tab
Click Include Tab next to Reviews
Change ‘Show Reviews’ to On
Click Save

Notice you could relocate Reviews backwards and forwards your page navigation. If Reviews are essential to you, then relocate them near the top.

If you ever wish to share a web link directly to your Reviews– maybe in an email asking your contacts for a review– then you could copy the URL as revealed.

The best ways to switch off star scores and reviews on your Facebook Page

Click Setups on top of your Page
Click Edit Web page in the left column
Click Setup next to Reviews
Click to choose Off
Click Save

How to get star rankings and reviews on your Facebook Page

Fairly merely if you do not ask you don’t obtain. Ask your customers as well as contacts. If you understand you have actually done some good work with them after that they need to more than happy to reply to the request. If they are not then you might get some beneficial responses from them.

Make certain your personnel are trained to properly ask customers whilst they are offering them. Make it fun and comprehensive. Do not wait up until the customer is leaving. Allow them know when they arrive that you are “mosting likely to look after them as well as wish they provide you an excellent Facebook testimonial at the end”. It makes it much conversational as well as natural.

How many scores and also reviews have you gotten on your Facebook Web page? Let me know in the comments listed below. If you desire aid raising yours then I could help you out.

Review Site Masterclass, my on the internet training program for resorts, bars as well as restaurants, is readily available for anyone who wishes to obtain even more reviews as promptly and easily as possible.

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